Sustainable Cities

Sustainable city definition

Smart cities here, smart cities there, "smart" seems to be the answer of everything right now! But "smart", doesn't mean sustainable. The definition of a sustainable city is not a city full of technologies, sensors, smart grids, smart everything...


For example, a city full of cars, park places with sensors, and "smart"phones telling you where you should park, will still consume way more energy than a city where all the citizens only ride a bicycle. 


A sustainable city is incredibly less high-tech than one would like to believe. We would like to hear that technology will save us, but technology won't be enough this time.

The truth is that for to make a city really sustainable, the citizens need to change their behaviours and habits.

Urban sustainability

The major part of the world's population lives in cities now and city scale is a good one for sustainability where concrete, easy, and quickly implementable actions can be taken.


That is why, for a sustainable future, cities have a great role to play.

But cities have already a lot on their agenda, let alone be their daily business.

That is why they lack the time, but also the knowledge to build a feasible and locally adapted roadmap towards a sustainable development of the city.


However, around the world, many cities are already taking concrete actions to become sustainable cities. 

Cities should look at each other and see what the others are doing in order to inspire themselves, and do the same.

Sustainable cities concrete ideas with examples

So, what can cities do, to be sustainable cities?

In the table below, I gathered the most important actions cities can take, with concrete examples of cities that have already done that.


All you need to do is to go through this table and let you inspire!

More detailed information on how to deal with the following subjects in cities:

  • Renewable energies

  • Energy efficiency in buildings

  • Future mobility

  • Waste management


can be found in this report: 

Focused acceleration 

A strategic approach to climate action in cities to 2030, November 2017

McKinsey Center for Business and Environment, C40 Cities

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