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Here is what you can do today to be an actor of the transition

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

That is the question that is obsessing me for a few months now, if not a year already.

Ideas are no problem, I have thousands of them, but none of them are satisfying me, because the impact always seems too small...

After a lot of thinking, I finally found an answer to my question:

This is not my personal small actions that are alone going to have a big impact. No, it is rather the small actions of as many persons as possible that will.

That is why I want to help you to have a big impact as well, by showing you what easy actions you can already take today!

To support you, I am collecting, synthesizing, and sharing useful information with you, through this website, as well as on my Facebook page.

The aim is to give you ideas, to inspire you, and to make you think about which actions you can implement in your personal situation.

To start, we can all take actions as individuals in our daily life or as an entrepreneur. Additionally, you might be part of a non-profit organisation, or you might be working for a company or a public organisation.

Lucky you! You have just earned the chance, to have even more impact!

Let me give you some examples right away:

1 - As an individual

You are an individual, and you are lost in all the information that you get everywhere:

Is turning off the light really going to save the planet, or is there something else that you could do to have more impact?...

A good tip to start is: stop buying things you don't need! And, when you do need something:

reuse and re-purpose another object that you already have, do it yourself, buy it second-hand, or buy local and bio.

Also reduce already-made packaged food from the supermarket and cook more from raw, bio, and local "material".

When you eat something ask yourself: do I actually know how to make it myself?

You will be surprise to discover that many things are really easy and quick to do.

Ok some things are not, like the video below is showing, but you don't actually have to grow your own wheat and produce your own flour!...

You would like to go beyond this and start your own business, but you don't know exactly what to do?

I will also share with you information about successful sustainable businesses to inspire you.

2 - As a non-profit organisation

You are a non-profit organisation (NGO), you want to do good with your project, but it is hard to find funding to do so? Why not turning your NGO into a business?

3 - As a company

You are working for a company and you are looking for ways to make your business more sustainable (! no greenwashing here, only a real change in your business !)?

Think about how you could make your business more "circular" for example.


You can already find some helpful information below:

4 - As a public organisation

You are working for a public organisation, like a city or a region.

You want to contribute to the transition, and be an example for your citizens, but you have no idea where to start?

- Start by looking for a network of sustainable initiatives on your territory, if it doesn't exist yet, build it!

Get in touch with these initiatives, see if you can support them in some way (make them visible through communication, providing them with materials or a room, helping with administration, or maybe even financially...).

- You could also:

* push the development of public transport and bike lanes

* open public spaces to urban gardening and organising local food systems with local farmers

* support energy retrofitting of old buildings

* buy the supplies for your organisation from sustainable sources

These were only a few examples, I will go deeper in each of these topics in my next articles.

Please share your comments, and tell me which of these subjects are the most interesting to you, and I will start with this one.

Looking forward to reading you!

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