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Healthy food list and healthy food stores

Healthy food list - What is healthy food?

Here is a healthy food list:

Organic food

Organic means that your food is free from pesticides. If Pesticides kill animals like insects for example, it can't be good for you either. Without organic food, no healthy food!

Whole foods

Whole foods is food that is not processed. In processed food it is really hard to exactly know what is actually inside your food. Here is a test that you can do: grab a package of food. It can be anything: breakfast cereals, flavoured yogurt, chips, creamy cheese... and look at the ingredients list on the label. Even on this really basic kind of food, you won't know some of the names on the label, and you can't even pronounce some of the names on the list. Don't look further, this is definitely not healthy food!

That is why whole foods is the safest: you don't need to look what a cucumber, a tomato, nature yogurt, or milk is made of. So whole food is the healthiest you can do, especially if it is organic!

Whole foods example: vegetables, fruits, diary products, grains and cereals.

Bulk food

Finally to complete this list of healthy food, you should not forget about the packaging. To reduce the weight, reduce the cost of the transport, but also to keep food that travels from far away fresh, food companies wrap food in plastic packaging. However, plastic packaging loose very small parts of plastic which then goes into the food.

Organic food store with healthy food

To find healthy food, the best is to go to an organic food store. There you will find plenty of local, seasonal and organic food.

Local farmers market

An alternative to an organic food shop is your local farmers market. There you can directly buy from the farmers without a middle man. But take care, most farmers offer local and seasonal food, but not all of them offer organic food. So make sure that you go to the right market stands to get healthy food.

You don't have time to go to the market? No problem, there are two more options for you.

Farm store

If you live in a rural area, or pass by a farmer everyday while commuting, the best is to stop at the farm and buy directly food from the farmer. Most of them have a small food store directly at the farm.

Community-supported agriculture (CSA)

If you are more the urban type and live in a city, then you definitively should look for community-supported agriculture (CSA) in you area. Every week you get a bag full of local, seasonal, organic, and without packaging directly from one or several producers, usually organised in a association. You can't get more healthy food than that!

Healthy recipes

Whether for breakfast, dinner, or snacks, you will find here easy healthy recipes:

Healthy breakfast

Healthy dinner

Healthy snacks

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