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Community-supported agriculture (CSA)

What is it?

It is the the direct sales from agricultural products from the farmers to the consumers without middle man or supermarket in between.

Usually consumers get a bag or a box of mix vegetables and fruits once per week. They don't get to choose what is in the mix, every week you get a new surprise! In a community-supported agriculture system you can't choose what you get, because the farmer gives you what he is currently having. So you always only get fresh and local food. Usually CSA offers only organic food and it comes in bulk (without plastic packaging).

How does it work

When you enter a community-supported agriculture system, you usually commit yourself for a long period of time, like a year for example. It has the advantage for the farmers that they can plan for a full year in advance, and be sure that they will have a fix amount of sold food all the year long. It allows the farmers to reduce the risk for them by sharing it with the consumers.

How to find one near me

1. Look for the translation of "Community-supported agriculture" in your language.

For example in German, Spanish, French, or Italian:

  • In German: solidarische Landwirtschaft or Vertragslandwirtschaft

  • In Spanish: agricultura sostenida por la comunidad

  • In French: association pour le maintien d'une agriculture paysanne (AMAP)

  • In Italian: agricoltura civica (o civile)

2. Look for a CSA directory or Network in your country or region. For example:


3. Check the community-supported agriculture list on the website and look for the closest one to where your live.

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