Committed to act against climate change, my aim is to help you find what each of us can do in their daily and professional lives in order to have the biggest impact possible, and accelerate the transition to a sustainable way of living.


Too often, we rely on others to change something and hope they will do the job for us. We hear all the time: politics should do this, big companies should do that... But we don't ask ourselves what we can do at our scale.

Each and every one of us should take their responsibility and use their energy on what they actually do can change, and not on what others should do.

On this website, I cover many thematic areas for example: energy, transport, economy, food, clothing, housing.


Whether you are an individual, an organisation (private or public, profit or non-profit), or a city, you will find here concrete and practical information on what you can do against climate change.

Should you not find the answer to your questions, please contact me, I will be very happy to help you!

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